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Dr. Julio C Caba BBA, MBA, & DBA

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Dr. Julio C Caba has 8 years of experience helping counselors in private practices manage and build their businesses. Coupled with owning a private practice, 20 years of business experience, and 12 years of education in business to help counseling professionals through the challenges of the industry. Specializing in organizational management to help counseling professionals get back to what they love to do!


Organizational Management for Counselors Service

Organizing your practice can be a challenge. Seeing clients and finding the time to build organizational strategies can seem impossible. Julio provides organizational services built around helping healers. With experience and passion we can help you build organizational strategies to make your business easier to manage.

Billing Services

As a counselors time is everything. Seeing your clients and then having to make sure you are billing the insurance for services, auditing to make sure you get paid, verifying insurance for clients, and all of the billing work gets done can be challenging. There is so much more to billing; having an experienced professional can make all the difference in assuring you get paid for the work that you do. Julio can assist you in setting up procedures or manage the billing piece of your practice. Using proven systems and his experienced staff to get it done in an efficient way.

Insurance Paneling Services

Being able to accept insurance in your practice has the potential to help you and your business grow. If you would like to start taking insurance and expand your business let us help. We are experienced in getting you “the healer” on the panels of insurance and build procedures to manage the work that comes with taking insurance in your practice.

Branding Services

Counseling is a business. With that being said it is vital you build a brand. Building a brand can help in marketing, organizing, hiring, and growing. Let the business experience of Dr. Caba work for you. Helping you build a brand so you may continue to succeed!

Website, Content, and Digital Media design Services

If you need a business introductory video for your private practice, content for all of your digital media including website, business cards, social media or social media management, website design, logo creation, or SEO and digital marketing look no further. Julio has proven strategies and experiences that he has used for over 8 years in his practice and the practices of those he coaches. Using the business experience in many industries to modernize, market, and help counselors communicate their business to the world.

Business Strategies Services

The right strategy is crucial in business. As a counselor keeping up with the changes in the business environment can be challenging. With our services we can help you build a strategy for any and all areas of your business. Helping you grow or manage the business by building a strategy that will take your business to the next level.

Business Management & Virtual Assistant Services

If you need assistance managing the business side of your private practice we can help. We have built the processes and have the experienced staff to be your virtual assistant. We handle all aspects of the business-end of things so you can get back to counseling!

Custom Services

If you do not see a business service you need, no worries. We can create and build strategies for every business action you need. Julio’s experience in business comes from many industries including sales, marketing, real estate, the auto industry, coaching, and more. Making Dr. Caba a flexible coach and consultant able to take up the challenges of your needs!

Dr. Julio Caba is sensational he’s able to analyze your situation quickly and targets the core issue. Based on my experience, coaches in the past have provided strategies/advice and did not effectively follow-up, Conversely, Dr. Caba is there along the way until you remedy the issue or reach your goal. I have to give Dr. Caba my highest ratings and recommendations – truly a rare find!


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